router : rip : config redistribute
config redistribute
Use this subcommand to advertise routes learned from OSPF, BGP, static routes, or a direct connection to the destination network.
The RIP redistribution table contains four static entries. You cannot add entries to the table. The entries are defined as follows:
bgp — Redistribute routes learned from BGP.
connected — Redistribute routes learned from a direct connection to the destination network.
isis — Redistribute routes learned from ISIS.
ospf — Redistribute routes learned from OSPF.
static — Redistribute the static routes defined in the FortiGate unit routing table.
When you enter the subcommand, end the command with one of the four static entry names (that is, config redistribute {bgp | connected | isis | ospf | static}). All fields are optional.
metric <metric_integer>
Enter the metric value to be used for the redistributed routes. The metric_integer range is from 0 to 16.
routemap <name_str>
Enter the name of the route map to use for the redistributed routes. For information on how to configure route maps, see router route-map.
status {enable | disable}
Enable or disable advertising non-RIP routes.