router : rip : config distribute-list
config distribute-list
Use this subcommand to filter incoming or outgoing updates using an access list or a prefix list. If you do not specify an interface, the filter will be applied to all interfaces. You must configure the access list or prefix list that you want the distribution list to use before you configure the distribution list. For more information on configuring access lists and prefix lists, see router access-list, access-list6 and router prefix-list, prefix-list6.
The direction and listname fields are required. All other fields are optional.
edit <distribute_list_id>
Enter an ID number for the distribution list. The number must be an integer.
No default.
direction {in | out}
Set the direction for the filter.
Enter in to filter incoming packets that originate from other routers.
Enter out to filter outgoing packets the FortiGate unit is sending to other routers.
interface <name_str>
Enter the name of the interface to apply this distribution list to. If you do not specify an interface, this distribution list will be used for all interfaces.
listname <access/prefix‑listname_str>
Enter the name of the access list or prefix list to use for this distribution list.
The prefix or access list used must be configured before configuring the distribute-list.
status {enable | disable}
Enable or disable this distribution list.
This example shows how to configure and enable a distribution list to use an access list named allowed_routers for incoming updates on the external interface.
config router rip
config distribute-list
edit 1
set direction in
set interface external
set listname allowed_routers
set status enable