router : rip : config distance
config distance
Use this subcommand to specify an administrative distance. When different routing protocols provide multiple routes to the same destination, the administrative distance sets the priority of those routes. The lowest administrative distance indicates the preferred route.
If you specify a prefix, RIP uses the specified distance when the source IP address of a packet matches the prefix.
The distance field is required. All other fields are optional.
edit <distance_id>
Enter an ID number for the distance. The number must be an integer.
No default.
access-list <name_str>
Enter the name of an access list. The distances associated with the routes in the access list will be modified. To create an access list, see router access-list, access-list6.
distance <distance_integer>
Enter a number from 1 to 255, to set the administrative distance.
This field is required.
prefix <address_ipv4mask>
Optionally enter a prefix to apply the administrative distance to.
This example shows how to change the administrative distance to 10 for all IP addresses that match the internal_example access-list.
config router rip
config distance
edit 1
set distance 10
set access-list internal_example