router : rip
Use this command to configure the Routing Information Protocol (RIP) on the FortiGate unit. RIP is a distance-vector routing protocol intended for small, relatively homogeneous networks. RIP uses hop count as its routing metric. Each network is usually counted as one hop. The network diameter is limited to 15 hops with 16 hops.
The FortiOS implementation of RIP supports RIP version 1 (see RFC 1058) and RIP version 2 (see RFC 2453). RIP version 2 enables RIP messages to carry more information, and to support simple authentication and subnet masks.
update_timer cannot be larger than timeout_timer and garbage_timer. Attempts to do so will generate an error.
config router rip
set default-information-originate {enable | disable}
set default-metric <metric_integer>
set garbage-timer <timer_integer>
set passive-interface <name_str>
set timeout-timer <timer_integer>
set update-timer <timer_integer>
set version {1 2}
config distance
edit <distance_id>
set access-list <name_str>
set distance <distance_integer>
set prefix <address_ipv4mask>
config distribute-list
edit <distribute_list_id>
set direction {in | out}
set interface <name_str>
set listname <access/prefix‑listname_str>
set status {enable | disable}
config interface
edit <interface_name>
set auth-keychain <name_str>
set auth-mode {none | text | md5}
set auth-string <password_str>
set receive-version {1 2}
set send-version {1 2}
set send-version2-broadcast {enable | disable}
set split-horizon {poisoned | regular}
set split-horizon-status {enable | disable}
config neighbor
edit <neighbor_id>
set ip <address_ipv4>
config network
edit <network_id>
set prefix <address_ipv4mask>
config offset-list
edit <offset_list_id>
set access-list <name_str>
set direction {in | out}
set interface <name_str>
set offset <metric_integer>
set status {enable | disable}
config redistribute {connected | static | ospf | bgp}
set metric <metric_integer>
set routemap <name_str>
set status {enable | disable}