router : ospf : config summary-address
config summary-address
Use this subcommand to summarize external routes for redistribution into OSPF. This command works only for summarizing external routes on an Autonomous System Boundary Router (ASBR). For information on summarization between areas, see “config range variables”. By replacing the LSAs for each route with one aggregate route, you reduce the size of the OSPF link-state database.
The prefix field is required. All other fields are optional.
edit <summary-address_id>
Enter an ID number for the summary address. The number must be an integer.
No default.
advertise {enable | disable}
Advertise or suppress the summary route that matches the specified prefix.
prefix <address_ipv4mask>
Enter the prefix (IP address and netmask) to use for the summary route. The prefix is not allowed.
tag <tag_integer>
Specify a tag for the summary route.
The valid range for tag_integer is 0 to 4294967295.