router : ospf : config redistribute
config redistribute
Use this subcommand to redistribute routes learned from BGP, RIP, static routes, or a direct connection to the destination network.
The OSPF redistribution table contains four static entries. You cannot add entries to the table. The entries are defined as follows:
bgp — Redistribute routes learned from BGP.
connected — Redistribute routes learned from a direct connection to the destination network.
isis — Redistribute routes learned from ISIS.
static — Redistribute the static routes defined in the FortiGate unit routing table.
rip — Redistribute routes learned from RIP.
When you enter the subcommand, end the command with one of the four static entry names (that is, config redistribute {bgp | connected | isis | static | rip}).
All fields are optional.
metric <metric_integer>
Enter the metric to be used for the redistributed routes. The metric_integer range is from 1 to 16777214.
metric-type {1 | 2}
Specify the external link type to be used for the redistributed routes.
routemap <name_str>
Enter the name of the route map to use for the redistributed routes. For information on how to configure route maps, see router route-map.
status {enable | disable}
Enable or disable redistributing routes.
tag <tag_integer>
Specify a tag for redistributed routes.
The valid range for tag_integer is 0 to 4294967295.
This example shows how to enable route redistribution from RIP, using a metric of 3 and a route map named rtmp2.
config router ospf
config redistribute rip
set metric 3
set routemap rtmp2
set status enable