router : bgp : config admin-distance
config admin-distance
Use this subcommand to set administrative distance modifications for bgp routes.
edit <route_entry_id>
Enter an ID number for the entry. The number must be an integer.
No default.
distance <integer>
The administrative distance to apply to the route. This value can be from 1 to 255.
No default.
neighbor-prefix <ip_and_netmask>
Neighbor address prefix. This variable must be a valid IP address and netmask.
No default.
route-list <string>
The list of routes this distance will be applied to.
The routes in this list can only come from the access-list which can be viewed at config router access-list.
No default.
This example shows how to manually adjust the distance associated with a route. It shows adding 25 to the weight of the route, that it will apply to neighbor routes with an IP address of and a netmask of, that are also permitted by the access-list “downtown_office”.
config router bgp
config admin-distance
edit 1
set distance 25
set neighbour-prefix
set route-list downtown_office