report : dataset
Use the following command to configure report data sets. You can configure existing data sets or add new ones.
Expert knowledge of SQL is required to write and edit data set queries.
config report dataset
edit <report_dataset>
set query <SQL_statement>
config field
edit <field-id>
set displayname <string>
set type {text | integer | date | ip}
edit <report_dataset>
Enter the name of an existing dataset or a new name. Press ? to view the list of existing datasets.
query <SQL_statement>
Enter the SQL statement that retrieves the required data from the database. Comprehensive knowledge of SQL queries is required. See the existing datasets for example SQL queries.
config field
You should configure fields only to modify the type or displayed name of the column for use in a table or chart.
edit <field-id>
Enter a field id from 1 to the number of SQL result fields in the SQL query.
displayname <string>
Enter the name for the field to be displayed in tables and charts.
type {text | integer | date | ip}
Select the type of data in the field. All options are not available for all fields.