pbx : voice-menu
Use this command to configure the menu that callers will access when they call. The variable config press-<number> configures the settings for the type of ring group and the type of group associated with that number.
config pbx voice-menu
set comment <comment_string>
set password <ext_password>
set recorder-exten <extension_str>
config [press-0 | press-1 | press-2 | press-3 | press-4 | press-5 | press-6 | press-7 | press-8 | press-9]
set type {directory | none | ring‑group | voicemail}
set ring-group <group_string>
comment <comment_string>
Enter a description of the voice-menu settings, if applicable.
No default.
password <ext_password>
Enter the password to access recording a new IVR message.
recorder-exten <extension_str>
Enter the extension number for recording a new IVR message.
config [press-0 | press-1 | press-2 | press-3 | press-4 | press-5 | press-6 | press-7 | press-8 | press-9]
Use this command when configuring what action each number on the phone’s keypad will take.
For example, you want the personnel directory to come up every time someone presses 1; config press-1 variable would have the type directory selected in type.
No default.
type {directory | none | ring‑group | voicemail}
Enter the type of action that is associated with the specific number on the phone’s keypad. For example, the office phone directory is heard when a caller presses 0 because config press-0 has directory as its type.
No default.
ring-group <group_string>
Enter to include a specific ring-group if you have select ring-group in type. This variable appears only when ring-group is selected in type.