pbx : global
Use this command to configure voicemail settings such as limiting the length of voicemail messages, as well as the country and the extension pattern of the user.
config pbx global
set atxfer-dtmf <str>
set blindxfer-dtmf <str>
set block-blacklist {enable | disable}
set code-callpark <str>
set country-area <country_name>
set country-code <country_code>
set dtmf-callpark <str>
set efax-check-interval <integer>
set extension-pattern <extension_pattern>
set fax-admin-email <email_address>
set ftgd-voice-server <server_address>
set local-area-code <code_string>
set max-voicemail <max_length_seconds>
set outgoing-prefix <pattern_str>
set parking-slots <int>
set parking-time <int>
set ring-timeout <time_int>
set rtp-hold-timeout <time_int>
set rtp-timeout <time_int>
set voicemail-extension <access_number>
atxfer-dtmf <str>
The DTMF command to trigger an attended transfer.
blindxfer-dtmf <str>
The DTMF command to trigger a blind transfer.
block-blacklist {enable | disable}
Enable to block blacklist IP addresses.
code-callpark <str>
Enter this numeric code to park the current call.
country-area <country_name>
Enter the name of the country in which the FortiGate Voice unit is installed.
country-code <country_code>
Enter the country code in which the FortiGate Voice unit is installed.
dtmf-callpark <str>
The DTMF command to trigger a call park.
efax-check-interval <integer>
Enter the efax polling interval from FortiGuard fax server. The value range is 5 to 120 in minutes.
extension-pattern <extension_pattern>
Enter a pattern that defines the valid extensions that can be added to the FortiGate Voice configuration. The pattern can include numbers that must be in every extension and upper case Xs to indicate the number of digits. The extension range can only contain numbers and the letter X.
If you add numbers to the extension range, all extensions added to this FortiGate Voice unit must include the same numbers in the same location in the extension number. For example, if you include a 6 as the first digit, all extensions added this FortiGate Voice unit must begin with the number 6.
The Xs indicate the number of digits in addition to the required number that each extension must have. For example, 6XXX indicates the extensions must start with the number 6 and be followed by any three numbers.
Usually you would add one or two numbers to the start of the extension range to identify the extensions for this PBX and follow this with enough Xs to be able to add the required number of extensions.
The extension range should not begin with the same number as the outgoing prefix.
fax-admin-email <email_address>
Enter the email address of the fax administrator.
ftgd-voice-server <server_address>
Enter the FortiGuard voice server address.
local-area-code <code_string>
Enter the local area code for the country or region in which you are installing the FortiGate Voice unit.
max-voicemail <max_length_seconds>
Limit the length of voicemail messages in seconds. Set to 0 for no limit.
outgoing-prefix <pattern_str>
The number that PBX users must dial to get an outside line. For example, if users should dial 9 to get an outside line, add 9 to this field. The outgoing prefix should not be the same as the first number of the extension range.
parking-slots <int>
The maximum number of calls that can be parked at the same time.
parking-time <int>
The length of time, in seconds, a call can be parked. If this time expires without the call being answered, the parked call will ring back to the extension from which it was parked.
ring-timeout <time_int>
The number of seconds that an extension should be allowed to ring before going to voicemail.
rtp-hold-timeout <time_int>
The amount of time in seconds that the extension will wait on hold for RTP packets before hanging up the call. 0 means no time limit.
rtp-timeout <time_int>
The amount of time in seconds during an active call that the extension will wait for RTP packets before hanging up the call. 0 means no time limit.
voicemail-extension <access_number>
Enter the voicemail extension number that a user will use to access their voicemail inbox.