firewall : service group
service group
Use this command to configure firewall service groups.
To simplify policy creation, you can create groups of services and then add one policy to provide or block access for all the services in the group. A service group can contain predefined services and custom services in any combination. A service group cannot contain another service group.
To edit a service group, enter all of the members of the service group, both those changing and those staying the same.
config firewall service group
edit <group-name_str>
set comment
set explicit-proxy {enable | disable}
set member <service_str>
set color <color_int>
Enter the name of this service group.
No default.
Add comments for this service group
No default.
explicit-proxy {enable | disable}
Enable to configure this service group as explicit web proxy services. The service group will be available to explicit proxy firewall policies but not to regular firewall policies.
member <service_str>
Enter one or more names of predefined or custom firewall services to add to the service group. Separate multiple names with a space. To view the list of available services enter set member ? at the prompt.
<service_str> is case-sensitive.
No default.
color <color_int>
Set the icon color to use in the web-based manager.
0 sets the default, color 1.