firewall : carrier-endpoint-bwl
Use FortiOS Carrier carrier end point filtering (also called carrier end point blocking) to control access to MMS services for users according to their carrier end point. Carrier end point filtering can filter MM1, MM3, MM4, and MM7 messages according to the carrier end points in the From or To addresses of the messages.
config firewall carrier-endpoint-bwl
edit <carr-endpnt-lst-integer>
set comment <carr_endpnt_lst_comment>
config entries
edit <carr_endpnt_pattern>
set pattern-type {regexp | wildcard | simple}
set action {none | block | exempt‑mass‑MMS | exempt }
set log-action {archive | intercept}
set status {enable | disable}
set name <carr_endpnt_lst_name>
action {none | block | exempt‑mass‑MMS | exempt }
The action (or actions archive and intercept) to take if the carrier end point expression is found in the list.
none — no action is taken
block — message is not delivered to intended recipient, log message in AV LOG as blocked due to carrier end point
exempt-mass-MMS — no mass MMS scanning performed
exempt — exempt user messages from all scanning
log-action {archive | intercept}
archive — Message is delivered to intended recipient, MMS transaction is forwarded to FortiAnalyzer archive, an entry is generated in content summary for FortiGate unit.
intercept — Message is delivered to intended recipient, files are quarantined based on quarantine configuration, log message in AV LOG as intercepted due to carrier end point.
No default.
Optional description of the carrier end point filter list. The comment text must be less than 63 characters long, or it will be truncated. Spaces are replaced with a plus sign (+).
The carrier end point pattern to use for filtering/searching.
No default.
A unique number to identify the carrier end point filter list.
No default.
name <carr_endpnt_lst_name>
The name of the carrier end point filter list.
pattern-type {regexp | wildcard | simple}
Set the pattern type for the banned word. Choose from regexp, wildcard., or simple. Create patterns for banned carrier end point expressions using Perl regular expressions or wildcards.
status {enable | disable}
Enable carrier end point filter search for carrier end point expression in carr-endpnt-expression.