Managing Firmware with the FortiGate BIOS : Accessing the BIOS : Navigating the menu
Navigating the menu
The main BIOS menu looks like this:
[C]: Configure TFTP parameters
[R]: Review TFTP paramters
[T]: Initiate TFTP firmware transfer
[F]: Format boot device
[Q]: Quit menu and continue to boot
[I]: System Information
[B]: Boot with backup firmare and set as default
[Q]: Quit menu and continue to boot
[H]: Display this list of options
Enter C,R,T,F,I,B,Q,or H:
Typing the bracketed letter selects the option. Input is case-sensitive. Most options present a submenu. An option value in square brackets at the end of the “Enter” line is the default value which you can enter simply by pressing Return. For example,
Enter image download port number [WAN1]:
In most menus, typing H re-lists the menu options and typing Q returns to the previous menu.