Database activity monitoring (DAM) : Viewing audit records (activity auditing results) : Viewing audit record details
Viewing audit record details
Click an audit record to display its details at the bottom of the audit record list.
Field Name
Audit ID. FortiDB sets this number sequentially.
The date and time activity audited.
Target database name and database server's IP address.
Target Service Port
Target database server's service port.
Policy Type
Type of audit policy that generate the audit. Shows "All" if enable Log All option.
Policy Name
Name of audit policy that generated the alert. For example, Tables, Column Privileges, tablePolicy1, etc.
Activity action.
Source Hostname/IP
Hostname and IP address of source client.
Source MAC
MAC address of source client.
DB User
DB user who took an action.
SQL Text
SQL Statements text of activity.
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