Database activity monitoring (DAM) : Activity profiling : Viewing and exporting activity profiling results
Viewing and exporting activity profiling results
The Target DB Activity Profiling page displays detailed profiling results.
FortiDB organizes profiling results for specific targets by database login and user, source clients, and database table access.
To view statistics for a login or user, in the DB Login/User list, select the appropriate name.
Source clients access list
Table 13: Source clients access list columns
Source IP
IP address of database source client
OS Hostname
Hostname of source client
Source Application
Application name of source client
OS User
Operating system (OS) user name
Session Count
Database access session count from this source client
Database tables access list
The list of database tables access displays all database tables accessed by the selected login or user and information about related access actions.
The Table Name column displays the name of the database that the login or user accessed.
The other columns display the count number for actions, which include the following actions:
Exporting profiling results
For information on generating and exporting an activity profiling report that you can run at a scheduled time and send automatically to receipients using email, see “Activity Profiling Reports”.
To export the detailed profiling results as report
1. For Export as, select one of the following file formats:
PDF (.pdf)
Excel (.xls)
Tab (.txt)
CSV (.csv)
2. Click Export.
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