Vulnerability assessment (VA) policies : VA policy groups
VA policy groups
The Policy Groups page displays all policy groups with groups names and descriptions.
Use the Policy Groups page to perform the following tasks:
Add a new policy group by selecting Add. See “Adding VA policy groups”.
Modify the policy group by selecting the group name. See “Modifying VA policy groups”
Delete policy groups by selecting the group check box, and click Delete.
The following pre-defined policy groups are available:
Policies included
DB2 Policy Group
DB2 policies
MySQL Policy Group
MySQL policies
Oracle Policy Group
Oracle policies
SQL Server Policy Group
SQL Server policies
Sybase Policy Group
Sybase policies
Pen Test Policy Group
CIS Policy Group
CIS benchmark policies
Sybase IQ Policy Group
Sybase IQ policies
See also
Adding VA policy groups
Modifying VA policy groups
Deleting VA policy groups