Installation (software-only) : Useful directories, files, and folders
Useful directories, files, and folders
The folders that the FortiDB installation directory contains include the following:
Table 1: FortiDB directories
<FortiDB install directory>/bin
Utility files, including the files that allow you to manual start and stop FortiDB
<FortiDB install directory>/conf
Your license file, encryption-key files, installation-properties file, and report logo files
<FortiDB install directory>/data/archives/VA
Vulnerability assessment archive files
<FortiDB install directory>/data/reports
Report files
<FortiDB install directory>/doc
Administration, Quick Start, and Installation Guides
<FortiDB install directory>/etc/conf/pentest
Files related to penetration tests
<FortiDB install directory>/etc/snmp
SNMP-trap dictionary file for FortiDB
<FortiDB install directory>/logs
Error and other log files
<FortiDB install directory>/tomcat/logs
Log files for the Tomcat application server
<FortiDB install directory>/uninstall
Uninstall executable file
The files that the FortiDB installation directory contains include the following:
Table 2: FortiDB files and folders
File or folder name
<FortiDB install directory>/conf/
Specifies the length of, and number of target-databases allowed during, the FortiDB license period
<FortiDB install directory>/conf/.keyFile
Needed for the encryption of passwords and assessment archives
<FortiDB install directory>/conf/.keystore
Needed for target-database connections involving SSH
<FortiDB install directory>/conf/reportlogos
Vontains images for report logos
<FortiDB install directory>/etc
Pentest dictionary and db-type-specific files
XML files with samples of information that can be imported from a target-database
FortiDB-specific MIB file for SNMP notifications
<FortiDB install directory>/etc/templates
server.xml (for internal FortiDB use only)
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