Installation (software-only) : UNIX/Linux installation
UNIX/Linux installation
You install FortiDB software on Unix and Linux using a console user interface, or command-line interface (CLI).
You can use a non-root user account to install FortiDB on the following operating systems:
Linux installations that use an Oracle repository database
To install FortiDB on UNIX/Linux, the following hardware and operating system are required:
Solaris with SPARC-based platform
64-bit Linux system with Intel-based platform, and 2.6 kernel
For detailed platform requirements, see the release notes for your version of FortiDB.
Obtain one of the following FortiDB installer files:
Linux (without RPM Package Manager)
Execute the installer file supplied using the following command:
sh <installer file>
For Linux installations that use RPM Package Manager, do the following:
Obtain the FortiDB installer file fdb-install-{version}-linux-x64.rpm
Execute the installer file using the following command:
rpm -ivh <installer file>
To install FortiDB on other UNIX systems like AIX, install the Java Runtime Environment version 1.6 or higher first, and then update FortiDB startup script. For details, please refer to the release notes for your version of FortiDB or contact Fortinet.
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