Installation (software-only) : System requirements
System requirements
To ensure both security and performance, install FortiDB on a dedicated computer that does not run any other memory or processor-intensive applications. Start with a clean installation of the operating system that has a minimum number of services running.
For a list of currently supported hardware and software, see the Supported Hardware section of the Release Notes for your version of FortiDB.
Disk space
300 MB of free disk space (minimum)
Additional space is required for the repository database, log files, reports and archives.
A minimum of 2048 MB of system memory, 1024 MB of which are dedicated to the FortiDB application
Windows and Linux: Intel-based platforms configured with one or more P4 (or higher) processors
Solaris: SPARC-based platform configured with one or more processors
These are minimum disk space and memory requirements. For optimal performance, consult with a FortiDB representative for recommendations that are best suited to your individual situation.