Advanced/optional system settings : System information and settings
System information and settings
The System Information page displays basic information and settings for the FortiDB appliance. FortiDB administrators have access profiles that permit read and write access for maintenace tasks and change the FortiDB firmware.
Host Name
The name of the host name of FortiDB. For details on changing the name, see “Changing the FortiDB host name”.
Firmware Version
The version of the firmware installed on the FortiDB unit. Click Update to upload a new version of the firmware. For details on updating the firmware, see “Updating the firmware”.
Serial Number
The serial number of the FortiDB unit. The serial number is specific to the FortiDB unit and does not change with firmware upgrades. Use this number to register your FortiDB appliance with Fortinet.
System Time
The current time according to the FortiDB internal clock. Click Change to change the time. For details on changing the time, see “Setting the system time”.
The time in days, hours, and minutes since the FortiDB was last started or rebooted.
Hard Disk RAID
The RAID information.
Check your hardware specification for RAID support
For raid creation and information, see “config system raid”.