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Sybase target database pre-configuration
FortiDB’s database activity monitoring (DAM) features require you to pre-configure a Sybase target database but not a Sybase IQ database.
For Sybase IQ databases. FortiDB supports vulnerability assessment only, and not DAM. Therefore, Sybase IQ targets do not require pre-configuration.
Configuring the Sybase audit system and FortiDB database user
To create the sybsecurity database
Execute the following command. The physname parameter specifies the sybase path (in this example, C:\sybase\data\):
disk init name = "auditdev", physname = "C:\sybase\data\sybaud.dat", size = 5120
disk init name = "auditlog", physname = "C:\sybase\data\sybaudlog.dat", size = 1024
create database sybsecurity on auditdev log on auditlog
To install the installsecurity script
The installsecurity SQL script contains all required stored procedures and audit tables.
1. Go to the scripts directory. For example, $SYBASE/ASE-15_0/scripts.
2. Execute the following command:
isql -Usa -P<password> < instsecu
3. Restart the database.
To grant the mon_role role to the FortiDB database user
To grant the mon_role role to the FortiDB database user, use the following script:
grant role mon_role to <username>
The mon_role role is applied the next time the user logs in. If you are currently logged in with that account, log out and log in again to allow the new privileges to take effect.
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