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Selecting the type of report an assessment generates
FortiDB allows you to select which reports your assessment generates. For example, it can generate a summary report, a detailed report, or both.
1. Go to Vulnerability Assessment > Assessment
2. Click the name of an assessment.
3. Click the Reports tab.
4. Specify which report you want for your assessment.
a. Select one or more report groups from the Available Reports: list on the left and add them to the Selected Reports list box by clicking on the right-arrow button. (In order to remove a report from the Selected Reports list, select the left-arrow button.)
To view a report description, select the report in the Selected Reports list box and then the description should show up in the Report Description list box on the right.
b. Check the Enable Report check box.
5. In the Report formats field group:
a. Enable one or more of the following checkboxes: PDF (.pdf) (the default), Excel (.xls), Comma Delimited (.csv), and/or Tab Delimited (.txt).
6. Select the Save button
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