Connecting to target databases : Auto-discovery : Running auto-discovery
Running auto-discovery
This topic describes how to perform auto-discovery.
To run auto-discovery, the FortiDB Administrator (the admin user that ships with FortiDB) or an administrator with the Target Manager role is required.
1. Go to Target Database Server > Auto Discovery of the left-side menu.
2. In order to discover a single database, enter the IP address in the From field and leave the To field blank. If you want to discover multiple databases, enter a range of IP addresses by using both the From field and To field.
3. Select the Add button. The discovered IP address(es) should be added to the list of IP addresses.
In order to delete an IP address (or address range) already on the list, select the check box on the left of the IP address or range and select the Remove button
4. Specify database types to attempt discovery for and their respective port ranges to discover from the list.
a. Select or clear the check box(es) on the left of the list.
b. Add or edit the port ranges in the To and From fields.
5. Select one or more IP address rows and then select the Begin Discovery button. One of the following status messages will be displayed at the top of the screen.
This status appears on the right side of the view header next to the "Status". The "processing" icon appears next to the page title. The Discovery Result page will display.
No databases found
There was no database of the specified IP address found.
Has one of these meanings:
User cancelled the auto-discovery process before completion.
This is the status after Running...
This is the status after No databases found
If you must stop running auto-discovery, select the Abort button to abort.
6. The Auto Discovery Results page is displayed.
indicates that this database was discovered.
indicates that this database was added to the targets list.