Vulnerability assessment : Adding or modifying assessments : Reviewing, deleting, and aborting assessment results
Reviewing, deleting, and aborting assessment results
The Results tab of the Assessment page allows you to view the status and other information about completed and incomplete assessments, view assessment results, and to abort assessments.
When you click a Start Time value in the top table, target name and other information is displayed in the bottom table (under Results for each target).
When you click a Target value in the bottom table, detailed results for the target are displayed.
Column name
The current status of the assessment
DB Type
The type of your target database
Failed (Cri,Maj,Min,Cau)
The number of failed policies by Severity type where:
Cri is Critical
Maj is Major
Min is Minor
Cau is Cautionary
The number of passed policies
The number of Informational policies
The number of policies for which errors were returned
The total number of policies incorporated by the assessment
The Status column can display the following values:
Status column icon
To delete an assessment, select one or more items in the top table, and then click Delete.
To abort an assessment
Do one of the following:
To abort an entire assessment, check the row of interest in the top table and then, below the top table, click Abort.
To abort the assessment of a particular target database within an assessment, click a Start Time value in the top table, select a row in the bottom table, and then, below the bottom table, click Abort.
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