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Schedule and notification
Both Pre-Defined and User-Defined DAM Report, allows you configure the schedule and Email notification.
FortiDB only sends email notifications for reports that run on a schedule.
Go to Schedule tab to configure schedule, and go to Notification tab to configure email notification.
Scheduling reports
The report scheduler allows you to set up when to start report generation, how often to generate reports, and when to stop.
Select the Enable Schedule check box to enable scheduler.
For schedule, there are two ways that you can set up the scheduler:
Scheduled Type
When to Run
Run Once
Report generation will occur once at the specific time you set in the Start at field.
The date range used to run the report when the time is in the Date Range field.
Report generation will occur starting from the time set in the Start at field, and continue until the End by.
The Recurrence pattern can be Minutely, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Enter the value for recurring time interval.
Email notification for scheduled reports
Email Notification allows FortiDB send report file(s) via email at the scheduled time.
Select Enable Email to enable email notification.
For email notifications, you must designate one or more email receivers. Select one or more of the entries in the Available Receivers list box and add them to the Selected Receivers list.
You must set the Email server and user properties in the Global Configuration for Email notification.
Select the Report formats of report file(s) you want to be included in email.
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