FortiDB can generate various reports, including pre-defined and user-defined vulnerability assessment (VA) reports and database activity monitoring (DAM) reports.
For VA and DAM reports, select an item in Report menu, to manage and generate reports. For other exportable reports, go to the corresponding context page, use Export function to export the report file.
Reports can be exported as a PDF file. Some reports can be exported as an Excel, tabbed text, or CSV file.
To generate VA and DAM reports, your administrator account requires the Report Manager role.
Vulnerability assessment (VA) reports
Vulnerability assessment (VA) reports include:
pre-defined or user-defined assessment reports
pre-defined VA policy reports
pre-defined sensitive data discovery reports
You can view and export VA reports manually. Go to a pre-defined or user-defined VA report, select the report to preview content, then click Export to export the report in PDF or other file format.
You can also generate assessment report files automatically by scheduling FortiDB to generate them.
DAM reports
DAM reports include:
pre-defined and user-defined security alert reports
activity audit reports
PCI, SOX, and HIPAA compliance reports
The information in activity audit reports comes from DAM activity auditing, a feature that requires the appliance version of FortiDB and the TCP/IP Sniffer collection method.
You can configure the report criteria such as data filtering, schedule, and notification of security alert reports and activity audit reports. For user-defined reports, you can also customize the display of the data table view and analysis chart view.
FortiDB generates and saves security alert reports and activity audit reports in all file formats, whether you generate them manually or using a schedule.
Report files that FortiDB saves to disk
FortiDB saves generated report files (such as PDF or Excel (.xls)) to disk when:
FortiDB generates all file types for all DAM reports.
You enable the Schedule and Save Scheduled Assessment Report to Disk File option for vulnerability assessment.
To free disk space, delete report files after you download them.
Other reports you can export
You can export PDF report files for:
Administrators Entitlement Report: Administration > Administrators
Target Database Report: Target Database Server > Targets
Database Discovery Report: Target Database Server > Auto Discovery
VA Privilege Summary Report: Vulnerability Assessment > Privilege Summary
VA Local Log Report: Vulnerability Assessment > Local Assessment Log
DAM Security Alerts Summary Report for search result: DB Activity Monitoring > Security Alerts
Activity Profiling Report: DB Activity Monitoring > Activity Profiling > Profiling Detail
DAM Local Log Report: DB Activity Monitoring > Local Monitoring Log
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