Installation (software-only) : Preparing to install
Preparing to install
Before you install FortiDB, ensure you have the following information:
User account for FortiDB installation
Windows: An Administrator-level account
Linux or Solaris: A non-root user account
Location for FortiDB
You can install FortiDB in any directory.
Do not choose a path with a a name that contains one or more spaces. For example, because there is a space between Program and Files, do not use C:\Program Files\FortiDB.
If you choose a location where a previous version of FortiDB exists, the installation process upgrades the current installation.
DB type for your repository database
Derby, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or PostgreSQL
The FortiDB installation process installs the compatible Derby database with the required configuration.
For Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and PostgreSQL, configure your repository database before you install FortiDB. See “Configuring the FortiDB repository database”.
Name of host machine for repository database
The hostname or IP address for the machine where the repository database resides
Port number for repository database
An available port number above 1024
Database name/SID for repository database
The name (or SID) of the repository database
Username for repository database user
The account name of the repository database user
Password for repository database user account
The password for repository database user
Application Server HTTP Port Number
An available port number above 1024
Application Server HTTPS Port Number
An available port number above 1024
Application Server Shutdown Port Number
An available port number above 1024