Vulnerability assessment (VA) policies : Managing VA pre-defined policies
Managing VA pre-defined policies
Use the Pre-Defined Policies tab to manage pre-defined policies. To view only certain policies, you can use the View dropdown list at the top of the page. You can also import additional polices or updates to existing policies.
The pre-defined policies list has the following columns:
Enabled ()
Disabled ()
New and Enabled ()
New and Disabled ()
Modified and Enabled ()
Modified and Disabled ()
Pre-defined policy name
DB Type
Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, or SYBASEIQ.
User defined severity level. There are 5 levels of severity:
Informational (default)
Unclassified, Configuration, Password, Privilege, Database server, Host System.
To view policies in a specific policy group only, for View, select the name of the group.
Click Search/New Group to create a new policy group.
To enable or diable a policy, select the policy in the list and then click Enable or Disable.
Click Import button to import new or updated policies into the FortiDB repository.
Click Export to export the all policies in the current list as an XML file.
To export pre-defined policies
1. In the navigation menu, go to Policy > VA Policies.
2. On the Pre-Defined Policies tab, for View, select All or a policy group you want to export.
The state of the checkboxes next to the individual policies does not effect which policies FortiDB exports. FortiDB always exports all items in the current list.
3. Click Export.
Your browser downloads the XML file.
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