Reports : User-defined VA reports : Managing user-defined reports
Managing user-defined reports
Click the Add button, or click the name of exist report, to go to report edit page
General tab
Naming and describing your reports.
Columns tab
Specifying which columns you want to include in your reports.
Select columns from Available Columns list, add into Columns in Report list.
Your report must contain at least one display column.
Grouping tab
Specifying grouping criteria:
In the Group Data By dropdown list, select the column name(s) by which you want to group data results. Optionally, specify a sort order in the Order dropdown(Ascending or Descending). And specify a Day, Week, Month, Quarter, or Year value by which to group date-related report results in the Group date values by dropdown.
For VA reports, you cannot group by Policy Description. You can specify two additional grouping levels, in the same way, by using the and then by and the and lastly by drop down lists.
Filtering tab
Specifying filtering criteria:
Define a column filtering entry in a row, by selecting Column, Operator and inputing the Value.
Add or subtract filtering criteria rows respectively by selecting the + (plus) or - (minus) buttons.
In order to limit the number of rows to display, check the Enter number radio button and then specify, as your row limit, any positive number less than 1000.
Export options
Export/Save report or Cancel editing.
Exporting your report in a certain output format, PDF or tab-delimited text file.
Click the Save button to save report, click the Cancel button to cancel.
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