Database activity monitoring (DAM) : Managing target monitoring
Managing target monitoring
The Monitoring Management page provides centralized management for monitoring target databases. You can view monitoring status, policies you configured, and start and stop monitoring. You can also associate policy groups with target databases and view generated alerts.
Table 6: Monitoring Management page columns
indicates the target has not been initialized for monitoring. Go to monitoring configuration page to setup monitoring.
indicates the target is not monitored.
that monitoring is starting
indicates that monitoring is stopping.
indicates the target is being monitored but some of the policies could not be applied.
indicates that monitoring is active.
indicates that monitoring is not running. An attempt to start the monitor failed.
indicates that the FortiDB is has disconnected from the target. The target database maybe not available, or disconnected from FortiDB agent (if using agent as collection method).
Target name. Click to configure monitoring.
DB Host Name/IP
Database host name or IP address of your target database computer
DB Type
Database type of your target. ORACLE, MSSQL, DB2, SYBASE, or MYSQL
Collection Method
Collection method used for monitoring
Alert Policy Groups
The group or groups of alert policies that specify the database activities that generate security alerts.
configure monitoring, same as click Name.
show the Alerts of this target.
show the Local Monitoring Logs of this target
Table 7: Monitoring Management page buttons and fields
Buttons and Fields
View dropdown
Filters a display of the target list
Start Monitoring
This button starts monitoring for the target database. You must select the target first.
Stop Monitoring
This button stops monitoring. You must select the target first.
This button stops then starts monitoring.
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