Connecting to target databases : Importing targets
Importing targets
You can use the Targets page to import target information in XML format. For example, you can import targets that you exported from another FortiDB appliance.
When you export target information in PDF format, the file contains only parts of the target information and you cannot use it to import targets.
To view an example of a file that you can import, export an existing target. The software-only version of FortiDB provides example files in the following directory:
<FortiDB install directory>/etc/import-target
Before you import a target, do the following:
Ensure that the target name is unique. If you import a target with the same name as an existing target, FortiDB overwrites the existing target information with the information in the imported file.
Ensure that the file provides values for all required elements. If an imported XML file does not have all the required values, FortiDB displays it in the list of targets with an incomplete status icon .
Do not change any encrypted values. For passwords, use clear text. FortiDB encrypts this text during the importing process.
Do not change the value of <databaseType>.
To import a target
1. In the navigation menu, go to Target Database Server > Targets.
2. Click Import.
The Target Import page is displayed.
FortiDB imports target information based on the value of Name. If the Name value already exists in the target list, FortiDB overwrites the existing target with the imported data.
3. Click Choose file, and then navigate to the file and select it.
4. Select Import.
The following information is displayed.
The value of the <name> elements
Indicates the status of the imported target: New, Updated, or Failed
Indicates whether one or more required elements are missing a value
Indicates the reason why Failed is displayed in the Results column
5. Click the Continue button to complete the import.
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