Advanced/optional system settings : Global configuration
Global configuration
The Global Configuration page allows you to change FortiDB system property values using the following tabs.
To make changes to the global properties, log in as an administrator who is assigned the System Administrator role.
Displays properties as read-only. Select a tab to add or change property values.
Properties related to assessment
Properties related to Email, SNMP and Syslog
Properties related reports generation
User profile/Security
Properties related to user profile and security
Properties for additional JDBC settings for each database type
LDAP Server
Properties related LDAP server for user authentication
A property that specifies the number of the records that each SOX Audit File contains
To restore the default values of global properties, on the appropriate tab, select one or more items using their checkbox, and then click Restore Defaults(s).
You cannot restore default values for the properties on the LDAP and Monitor tabs.
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