Using the command line interface (CLI) : get
The get commands allow you to retrieve system setting and activity information. They include the following commands:
get system target-database — Displays information about all monitored database targets and the associated audit policies.
get system session — Displays all active session information.
get system block-ip — Displays all blocked IP addresses. When traffic matches these IP addresses, FortiDB generates a TCP reset packet.
get system block-session — Displays all blocked sessions. If traffic matches the blocked session characteristics, FortiDB generates a TCP reset packet.
get system counter — Displays current system counter information.
get system debug-filter <seq_num> — Displays debug-filter settings. <seq_num> is the number of the filter to display. See “config system debug-filter”.
To retrieve the current system-administration settings:
get system admin setting <Enter>
http_port : 80
https_port : 443
idle_timeout : 2