Connecting to target databases : Managing targets : Searching or filtering the target list
Searching or filtering the target list
You can search the list of targets or to create a filtered list of targets that you can place in a named group.
1. Do one of the following:
Click Target Database Server > Targets, and then click Search/New Group.
Click Target Database Server > Target Groups, and then click Add.
2. For Column, Operator, and Value, select and enter values that specify the targets that you want in the list.
To add additional filtering criteria, click + (plus sign) and complete the settings for the new row.
Click - (minus sign) to delete a row.
The value you enter for Value is case-sensitive.
You cannot use the same Column value in multiple rows. For example, you cannot create a row for Location = 'London' and a row for Location = 'New York'.
For example:
Return Possibilities
all databases in London
Database Type
all DB2 databases
3. Click Search to apply the criteria.
4. Continue working with the filtered list, as required.
For example, click the name of a target to edit its properties. To use the list to create a target group, enter a name and click Save Group.
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