Database activity monitoring (DAM) : Viewing alerts : Filtering and searching alerts
Filtering and searching alerts
For alerts search or group filters setting, to filter alerts by columns condition, you can define filtering criteria with one or more data filtering entries.
Exclude option
Check Exclude following filters option, if you want alerts in opposite (don't match the criteria).
Configure criteria row
One filtering criteria entry is defined in a row. Select the Operator ("And" or "Or", not available for first row), Column, Operator from dropdown list, and input Value or select from available value list to add.
Multiple criteria rows
Add or subtract, respectively, filtering criteria rows by selecting the + (plus) or - (minus) buttons.
If there are multiple filtering entries, combined both with "And" and "Or" operations, use the brackets "(" and ")" for the operations priority.
Filters sample for group "Table change by non-system user":
Action Equals Delete Insert Truncate Update
and ( DB User Not Equal SYSTEM
or Login Name Not Equal SYSTEM )
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