Connecting to target databases : Exporting target information
Exporting target information
You can use the Targets page to export all targets or targets you select. You can also use the page to import targets using an XML format file.
When you export target information in PDF format, the file contains only parts of the target information and you cannot use it to import targets.
To export information for all targets as an XML or PDF file
1. On the Targets page, for View, select All.
2. Do one of the following:
Click Export all to XML.
Click Export all to PDF.
To export one or more selected targets as an XML file
1. On the Targets page, do one of the following:
For View, select a target group.
Click Search/New Group and use the filters to search for targets.
For information on using the filter options, see “Searching or filtering the target list”.
2. Do one of the following:
Select the checkbox beside one or more target names, and then click Export selected to XML.
Select the checkbox in the column heading to select all list items.
Click Export all to XML.
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