Using the command line interface (CLI) : execute : execute backup fd-tcpdump
execute backup fd-tcpdump
The execute backup fd-tcpdump command allows you to export log files generated by tcpdump to a FTP site. FortiDB compresses the files before it sends them to the specified FTP site.
For information on generating tcpdump log files, see “diagnose tcpdump start|stop”.
execute backup fd-tcpdump <ftp server> <username> <password> [directory] [filename]
Keywords and variables
<ftp server>
IP address or hostname of the FTP server.
Username of FTP server account.
FTP server account password.
Location on FTP server where you want to save the tcpdump file.
If you do not specify a directory, FortiDB uses the default directory.
Username of FTP server account.
If you do not specify a name, the file name is fdb-tcpdump.tgz.
execute backup fd-tcpdump <your_ftp_server> <your_ftp_username> <your_ftp_password>
See also
execute backup-remove fd-tcpdump
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