Using the command line interface (CLI) : execute : execute backup all-settings
execute backup all-settings
The FortiDB CLI allows you to back up your local database to a FTP server.
Please press <enter> to return to the original prompt after the backup has completed with the message saying “Transfer Finished”.
execute backup all-settings <ftp server> <filepath> <username> <password> [cryptpasswd]
Keywords and variables
<ftp server>
IP address or hostname of FTP server.
Location on FTP server where you want the settings file to be placed.
If you do not specify a name, the file name is fdb_allbackup.dat.
User name of account that logs on to the FTP server.
Password of account that logs on to the FTP server.
Optional password for protecting the settings file on the FTP server.
execute backup all-settings <your_ftp_server> . <your_ftp_username> <your_ftp_password> myCrptpasswd
See also
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