Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) policies : Alert and audit policy groups : Creating or modifying an alert or audit policy group
Creating or modifying an alert or audit policy group
1. Do one of the following:
Go to Policy > DAM Alert Policy Groups
Go to Policy > DAM Audit Policy Groups
2. Do one of the following:
To add a new group, click Add. Then, for Group Name, enter a name for the policy group.
You can click Cancel to cancel creating a new policy-group filter and go back to the main policies page.
To modify a group, click its name.
3. Optionally, for Description, add or edit text that describes your grouping criteria or other helpful information.
4. On the Filters tab, use the following settings to create or edit your filtering criteria:
Values And and Or are not available for the first row.
Specify a column to use for filtering.
Specify an operator.
Enter a value or select one from the list of available values. If you are using a list, click > (right arrow) to add selected items to the right-hand list.
- (minus) and + (plus)
Click to add or remove rows that define criteria.
For example:
Database Type
All policies associated with DB2 databases
Policy Type
Metadata Policies
Metadata policies associated with DB2 databases
5. To apply your filtering criteria, click Search.
6. To save the configuration, select Save Group.
7. To associate the policy group to a target database:
a. Select the Targets tab.
b. In the box on the left, select targets to associate with the policy group, and then click the right arrow to move the selection to the box on the right.
8. Click Save.
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