Installation (software-only) : Configuring the FortiDB repository database : Configuring a PostgreSQL repository
Configuring a PostgreSQL repository
When you use a PostgreSQL 8.x repository, FortiDB requires a language pack for its archive feature.
1. Create a database to use for the FortiDB repository (for example, “fortidb”) with UTF-8 encoding. Make note the following information, which is required for FortiDB installation:
Database name
User name
2. To create the language pack “plpgsql”, execute the following command:
createlang -h -d <database_name> -U <database_user> plpgsql
<database_name> is the name of the database
<database_user> is the name of the database user
3. To verify that the language pack is installed properly, execute the following command:
psql -U <database_user> -c "select * from pg_language"
<database_user> is the name of the database
The row plpgsql is displayed in the pg_language table.