Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) policies : Managing DAM policies : Configuring policy information for a policy
Configuring policy information for a policy
When you add or edit a policy, complete the following settings under Policy Info:
Policy Name — Enter unique name for policy, duplicate with exist policy name is not allowed.
Description — Enter a description if necessary.
Enable — Select to enable the policy.
Create new policy group for policy — FortiDB automatically creates a policy group and adds it to the monitoring configuration for the target database (This option is available for the target-based configuration: Data Access Monitoring > Monitors > click on the target name > Alert/Audit Policies tab > Data Policies dropdown).
Severity — For alert policies only. Specifies a severity.
Supported Database — For data policies, select the type of target database the policy is used with. PCI, SOX, and HIPAA policies are supported on all database types. Privilege and metadata policies are restricted to specific database types.
You cannot change the value of Supported Database if FortiDB is currently using the policy to monitor a target database. Use the target monitoring settings (DB Activity Monitoring > Monitoring Management) to stop monitoring, change the value of Supported Database, and then re-start monitoring.
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