Installation (software-only) : Configuring the FortiDB repository database : Configuring an Microsoft SQL Server repository
Configuring an Microsoft SQL Server repository
This procedure illustrates how to configure a repository using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Studio.
The user ID and schema name must have the same name as the FortiDB repository.
Create a SQL database
1. Log in as sa.
2. Right-click Databases.
3. Click New Database.
4. For the database name, enter fortidb.
5. Configure the database using the following values:
Initial data-file size
300 MB (minimum)
Initial log-file size
20 MB (minimum)
Collation value
A value that supports case-sensitivity
The characters “CS” in a collation value indicate that it is case-sensitive. For example, the collation value SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS is for U.S. English systems and is case-sensitive.
6. Click OK.
Create a SQL login
1. Go to Security.
2. Right-click Logins.
3. Click New Login.
4. For Login name, enter fortidb.
5. Select SQL Server authentication, and then enter and confirm a password.
6. Clear Enforce password expiration.
7. For Default database, select fortidb.
8. On the User Mapping page, for Users mapped to this login, select fortidb.
In the User column for the fortidb list item, fortidb is displayed.
9. Select the fortidb item in the list of users, and then, for Database role membership for: fortidb, select db_owner.
10. Click OK.
Create the fortidb schema
Ensure that the schema uses the same name as login name that you created in the previous step.
1. Log in using the user (fortidb) and password.
2. Go to Databases > fortidb > Security.
3. Right-click Schemas, and then select New Schema.
4. For both Schema name and Schema owner, enter fortidb.
5. Click OK.
6. Go to Databases > fortidb > Security > Users.
7. Right-click the fortidb user, and then click Properties.
8. For Default schema field, enter fortidb.
9. Click OK.
Verify that the login is mapped to the correct schema and user
1. Log in as sa.
2. Go to Security > Logins.
3. Right-click fortidb, and then select Properties.
4. On the User Mapping page, verify that “fortidb” is both the user and default schema value for the fortidb item.