Database activity monitoring (DAM) : Configuring target database monitoring
Configuring target database monitoring
The General tab shows audit configuration information and monitoring status for each target database.
The Audit Configuration settings specify how FortiDB collects audit information. The settings that are displayed depend on the database type and collection method. For more information, see the topic for the appropriate database type:
“Configuring monitoring using the TCP/IP sniffer (all database types)”
“Configuring Microsoft SQL Server monitoring”
“Configuring DB2 monitoring”
“Configuring Sybase monitoring”
“Configuring MySQL monitoring”
“Configuring Oracle monitoring”
The Test button is available for some collection methods. Click it to verify the connection.
Click the Save button to save your Audit Configuration settings.
The Monitoring settings allow you to start or stop monitoring.
Table 9: Monitoring settings and messages
Start Monitoring/Stop Monitoring
Click to start or stop monitoring.
Start monitoring when FortiDB starts
Specifies whether FortiDB starts monitoring the current target automatically when it starts.
Monitoring Status
Displays one of the following monitoring status values:
Need Restart: A monitoring restart is required to apply a policy change
INIT (Initializing)
Status Message
Displays information related to the monitoring or auditing status
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