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Configuring a database policy
Database policies generate audit records only. You do not configure them to generate alerts.
To configure a database policy
1. Do one of the following:
To configure a policy that is available to add to multiple target monitoring configurations, go to Policy > DAM Audit Policies.
To configure a policy for a specific target, go to DB Activity Monitoring > Monitoring Management, and then click a target name. Then, click the Audit Policies tab.
2. In the Data Policies list, select Database, and then click Add.
3. Complete the Policy Info settings. For detailed information about the settings, see “Managing DAM policies”.
4. To expand Audit Settings, click the triangle icon beside the section name.
5. Do one of the following:
Select Manually Select Object and then enter the specific database or schema name.
Select Browse Object by Target to select a specific database or schema name from the list.
6. If you are configuring the policy using Policy > DAM Audit Policies and selecting an object by browsing, for Target, select a target. Then, select one or more items from the Database or Schema list.
Enter text in the Search field to filter the list of databases and schemas.
7. For Audit Actions, select one of more of the following values: Select, Insert, Update, Delete.
8. Click > (right arrow) to move the selected items to the Selected Objects table.
To remove items, select the item, and then click < (left arrow). Click << (double left arrow) to remove all items.
9. Select Save.
The new policy is displayed in the list of policies.
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