Reports : User-defined DAM reports : Configuring data displays
Configuring data displays
The Table View tab allows you to configure data table display and the Analysis tab allows you to configure analysis charts.
Data table view
To configure which data columns displayed in report, select columns from Available Columns list, add into Columns in Report list.
You can also configure the data groups in report's data table (optional).
In the Group Data By dropdown list, select the column name(s) by which you want to group data results. Optionally, specify a sort order in the Order dropdown (Ascending or Descending). And specify a Day, Week, Month, Quarter, or Year value by which to group date-related report results in the Group date values by dropdown.
Adding analysis charts and statistics tables to reports
You can add multiple analyses, each with a statistics chart and table, to a report. You define each analysis in a row in the Analysis tab. Click + (plus) or - (minus) to add or remove rows.
To configure anlysis:
1. Select the Chart type - Pie or Bar
2. Select which data column you want to count for statistics, from Column type dropdown list.
3. For DAM Alert report, you can select Severity or Status as second Column type for Bar chart. The enumeration of Severity or Status will be list as Y-axis in statistics table.
4. If the data come from multiple target databases, enable Group by target check box, to generate analysis chart and statistics table respectively for each target.
5. Input the Max item number for data column.
6. Enable Count others, will add Others into analysis chart/table as last column.