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Configuring assessment notifications
This topic describes the task of configuring how and to whom assessment notifications will be sent. You can choose email and/or SNMP-trap notifications of these issues.
1. In the Desired Notification format(s) section of the Notifications tab, select the Target Level (default) and/or the Rule Level check box(es).
Target-level notifications contain a target-database-level summary of issues discovered during the assessment.
Rule-level notifications contain detail for every discovered issue.
2. Select the Enable Email and/or the Enable SNMP Trap check box(es) in order to enable email and/or SNMP notifications, respectively, of assessment-discovered issues.
a. For email notifications, you must designate one or more email receivers. Select one or more of the entries in the Available Receivers list box and add them to the Selected Receivers list on the right by selecting on the right-arrow button.
When the email receiver cannot be reached, it is your email server's responsibility to retry sending the email.
In order to remove receiver(s), select them in the Selected Receivers list and select the left-arrow button.
In order to see the details associated with any receiver, select the name of a receiver in either the Available Receivers or Selected Receivers lists and those details will appear in Receiver Details list on the right.
b. For SNMP notifications, you should set the Notification properties in the System Configuration component of the FortiDB application.
The non-appliance version of FortiDB ships with MIB files in the $FortiDB_HOME/etc/snmp directory.
3. (Optional) If you want to attach reports to the e-mail notification, go to the Reports tab and select the Attach reports to selected e-mail receivers check box, and make sure to select one or more report(s) and format(s). Note that the Enable Report Generation to Disk option is not required to be selected to use this capability.
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