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config system interface
The config system interface command allows you to edit the configuration of a FortiDB network interface.
config system interface
edit <port>
set allowaccess {http https ping ssh telnet}
set ip <ipmask>
set status {up | down}
<port> can be one of port1, port2, port3, port4.
No default.
allowaccess {http https ping ssh telnet}
Enter the types of management access permitted on this interface. Valid types are: http https ping ssh telnet. Separate multiple selected types with spaces. If you want to add or remove an option from the list, retype the list as required.
Varies for each interface.
ip <ipmask>
Enter the interface IP address and netmask. The IP address cannot be on the same subnet as any other interface.
No default
status {up | down}
Start or stop the interface. If the interface is stopped it does not accept or send packets. If you stop a physical interface, VLAN interfaces associated with it also stop.
This example shows how to set the FortiDB port1 interface IP address and netmask to, and the management access to ping, https, and ssh.
config system interface
edit port1
set allowaccess ping https ssh
set ip
set status up
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