Vulnerability assessment : Assessment history
Assessment history
The Assessment History page displays the run assessments and scheduled reports in disk.
Assessments History tab
Display all run assessment in this list page.
Click the Target link to view the Detailed Report of this assessment.
Select the assessment record(s), click the Delete button to delete.
Scheduled Reports tab
When you enable the option "Save Scheduled Assessment Report to Disk File" in Assessment > Report tab, the selected report files are saved in disk after running the scheduled assessment.
Go to Scheduled Reports tab page to download or delete report files.
Import or export assessment history
You can export or import the result of an assessment as an XML file.
To export assessment results to an XML file
1. On the the Assessments History page, specify a date range.
Assessments run between this date range, from the 1st date 0:00 to 2nd date 0:00(not include result in 2nd date).
2. Optionally, for Prefix, specify a prefix for the XML file name.
3. Click Export, and than save the downloaded XML file.
To import assessment results from an XML file
1. On the the Assessments History page, click Import.
The Import assessments history page is displayed.
2. Click Choose File to select an XML file.
3. Click Import.
4. Click the Back button to return to the Assessments History page.
If you import the XML from another FortiDB, it might contain information about its own target databases information, which is not managed by your current FortiDB. FortiDB imports these target databases as imported shadow targets, which it uses for assessment reporting. However, it doesn not add them to the target list and cannot manage by them.
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