Database activity monitoring (DAM) : Alerts analysis
Alerts analysis
The Alerts Analysis page allows you to analyze the alerts received within a date range that you specify.
indicates that the alert analysis is new created or edit
indicates that the alert analysis is in queue to run
indicates that the alert analysis is running
indicates that the alert analysis is complete
Target to analyze, either a specific target or ALL
Alert Received From
Start date of alerts
Alert Received To
End date of alerts
Analyze Time
Analyze time
Edit icon button. Click to edit analysis
View icon button. Click to view analysis result
To analyze results
1. Click the Add button. Click the analysis name, or click the Edit icon in the Action column to edit the analysis.
2. In the analysis add/edit page, input the name, select the target - All or one of target, specify alerts receive date range, and Save.
Include alerts received in "Received To" day, e.g. From "March 1" to "March 31" for alerts received in March.
3. Mark the check box corresponding to an analysis.
4. Click the Run button.
5. To view the results, either click the View icon button in Action column, or click the time when an analysis finished.
To view the results of an analysis
Do one of the following:
In the Action column, click (View).
Click an Analyze Time value.
The analysis result page displays the following information:
Analysis Summary: Target, Alerts date range, and Total alerts count in this range.
Statistics Chart: Alerts statistics date-series chart.
More alerts statistics by different category:
By Target(for 'All' target analysis)
By Severity
By Policy
By Action
By DB Login
By DB User
By Client Location (Top 10)
By Client Application (Top 10)
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