Database activity monitoring (DAM) : Viewing alerts : Alert details
Alert details
The Alert Details section shows following details information about the alerts:
Field Name
Alert ID. This number is set sequentially
The date and time when the alert was received by FortiDB
Target Name
Target database name.
Policy Name
Policy name that generated the alert. For example, Tables, Column Privileges, tablePolicy1, etc.
Action that was taken and caused the alert
Rule Violations
Alert rules that generated the alert. For example, Suspicious location, Suspicious Login Name, etc.
Short name of Severity level to which the policy is configured:
INF - Information
CAU - Cautionary
MAJ - Major
MIN - Minor
CRI - Critical
OS User or Auth Id
OS user (for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server), Auth Id (for DB2) that accessed to the target database
DB User
DB user who took an action
Login Name
Login name that logged into the target database
Object that was accessed and caused the alert
SQL Statement
SQL Statements that were executed and caused the alert
Return Code
Return code from the target database
Source Location
Hostname of source location that originated the action
Source application that originated the actions and caused alerts
Annotation text added by administrator for this alert
For Sybase target databases, the OS User field shows as "not available". For Microsoft SQL Server, the OS User is available only when you use the Windows authentication. For Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server, the Object field may not be available for Privilege Policies: Roles and System Privileges.
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